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Maria Senatore

-Visual identity
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Petit – Gelato Tailandês

-Visual communication-Visual identity
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Terraço Mineiro

-Visual identity
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Jaque Trajano

-Visual identity
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Hello, I'm Kesya Tavares!

I’ve been a designer for 9 years, four of them specializing in visual identity creation. I believe in the humanization of creative processes, through a transparent and collaborative relationship with the client. Making the methodology and technique that are applied in each project to aim for assertive results.

With projects in two other countries besides Brazil, I am committed to quality and functionality over quantity or mere aesthetics. I will not create a pretty logo, I want my work to make a difference in your business.

What I do – I am a brand designer who develops visual identity projects, strategically thought to meet the needs of the business. But I can also help your business still in development with the creation of the naming (company name/product) and web site design.

How I do it – I develop projects thought out strategically, offering a collaborative and humanized process, in order to achieve results that connect business and public.

Why I do – My purpose is to help small and medium entrepreneurs who wish to impact the market through their product/service.

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Creation of a name for a brand, event and/or product

It is the creative process behind the creation of the name of companies, events and/or products. The brand name is the main and most basic element of a company’s identification.

We will create an original name that really conveys the purpose of your brand, through the Unique Naming method:

  • Diagnosis, strategy and concept definition
  • Generation of alternatives
  • Previous evaluation
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Evaluation matrix with the client
  • Perception research
  • Presentation of the best alternatives
  • Choice of name and registration

A well planned name has the power to conquer clients and make history.

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Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Creation of projects for company brands, people, events, and products

A system of visual elements that will represent the values of a business. This system must visually reflect the concept of the business in its appearance. It is the visual identity that will give the necessary support to the graphic brand, which we call logo. No matter the size of your company, it is essential to express these values in a tangible way.

The benefits that a visual identity brings to your brand

  1. Adds value
  2. Increases visibility
  3. Facilitates the purchase
  4. Optimizes usability
  5. Builds identity
  6. Retains the ideal audience
  7. Credibility
  8. Facilitates communication

With our Design with Connection Method, we will create a strategically unique, functional, and responsive design:

  • Understanding (Briefing)
  • Analysis and research (Audience, competition and niche)
  • Strategic planning (definition of creative line)
  • Creation and testing
  • Presentation
  • Delivery
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Website Creation (Ui / Ux design)

It is the place of your business on the net, like a big showcase of disclosure. A grouping of pages, where people and companies can insert content and various resources, in order to be displayed on the Internet.

Having a website can benefit your business in:

  1. Being found on Google
  2. Gaining authority in the market
  3. Expand your market
  4. Connect with your audience
  5. Close new business
  6. Inform about news

Through qualified partners and the Space On Method, we will create the best website option for your business, in a responsive way and with all the necessary support:

  • Understanding (Briefing)
  • Analysis and research
  • Wireframe (layout structure)
  • Creation
  • Implementation
  • Delivery
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What our clients say

A year ago we were looking to realize our dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Our first step was to create our brand, our identity. An angel came and put kesya in our lives, today I can not see our company without the touch of creativity and elegance of this competent designer in everything she does. We are from Fortaleza/Ceará, even with the distance we believed in her work and today our dream is coming true every day, thank you very much from the heart for the care you have with us!
Diana and Gealisson
Diana and Gealisson Petit - Gelato Tailandês
Excellent professional! I was able to be part of the whole creative process, so that the project met my expectations.
João Camargo
João Camargo Terraço Mineiro
I loved Kesya's work! The whole process of sale, creation and post-sale is very organized, leaving no room for questions. I approved the project immediately and since then I've been using my beautiful brand in several performances.
Débora Cavalcanti
Débora Cavalcanti Eu.Developer
We are speechless to describe how much we like Kesya's work! She is perfect in every way and her work is impeccable, it definitely made a difference in our brand. We love the result! It totally exceeded our expectations. Attentive designer to understand your business and make it shine through in the brand. Super indico!
Júlia and Gustavo
Júlia and Gustavo DoisU – Marketing Digital
I just have to thank you for your work, your dedication, your effort, in this beautiful project, the result was way beyond what I imagined, I'm very happy. Thank you very much!
Jaqueline Jaque Trajano
I am from São Paulo, I met Kesya through the internet. In our first meeting she passed me a lot of confidence, I chose her to create my brand.
It is possible to notice in her work the love for her profession. Since the moment of the first interview until the delivery of the work, always attentive, helpful and shows in a playful way with knowledge a step that she did to get the final art. A thorough creative process, where there is client participation. I knew how to transmit my essence, my image, and reflect the concept that I carry in my work and as a person.
I love my brand. And I am in love with Kesya's work. My future projects will be her creation.
Carolina Zorzi
Carolina Zorzi
Selo clientes

My amazing clients

These are some of the clients I have worked with over the past few years:

Petit Gelato Tailandês
Jaque Trajano
Terraço Mineiro
Florais Decor
May piercer
Di coração
U Developer
Maria Senatore
Carolina Zorzi

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