Jaque Trajano

Jaque started her career as a Grill Chef (Assadora) in 2018, being an applied student of great names in barbecue. Her passion for the area was growing and taking her to events of great weight for the scene. In 2021 she became the first ambassador of the brand THOR, one of the largest in line of products for barbecue in Brazil.

Today she is a national reference using the alchemy of flavors transformed into pleasure for barbecue lovers, mixed with her remarkable feminine presence and her touch of creativity.

Service: Visual Identity
Year: 2020
Origin: Recife – PE – Brazil


Compared to the number of men, women barbecue cooks are still few in Brazil. But make no mistake, they are very good. Jaque Trajano, who has mastered this masculine universe, approached me to help her build an identity that could give her strength, authenticity and technique to face the art of fire.

Our challenge for the project was to bring a strong and bold visual identity that could transmit the simple and very important message that a woman’s place is wherever she wants, including on the grill.


We then started exploring the element of fire to compose the brand.

Millions of years ago our ancestors brought a command over the natural force that would initiate human evolution. The heating, as a form of protection, bringing groups together and spreading rituals, referring to moments of fraternization. As well as the process of cooking food, physical and chemical exploration, which reminds us of the various techniques of preparing the barbecue.

For the brand type we dared to be creative, referencing the fun and seriousness with which Jaque does her work, making it the main piece of her identity.

The project already carried a lot of personality in its logo, but we needed a touch of creativity that would remind us of BBQ events. We invited the designer and illustrator, Elis Santos, who brought to the project elements of this universe, such as meats and utensils used by the roasters. Each element was drawn one by one in charcoal pencil, bringing this more rustic look and giving even more personality to the project.
Based on Elis’ illustrations, we created a pattern that brought a lot of style in the applications and unfolding of the identity.

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