Maria Senatore

Maria believes that learning a new language goes further. Having knowledge of another language is living culture, it is to experience the knowledge of the other in a latent way. Its purpose is to offer an experience that goes beyond a class. Working creative and collaborative dynamics, both with private students and in their training of new teachers.

Service: Visual Identity
Year: 2021
Origin: Vedano al Lambro – Itália


The challenge of this project was to bring a brand that carried the personality of 20 years of experience, combined with the current models of how the public interacts.
Maria saw the need to rethink its positioning and align it to the current needs, consolidating its name and presence in the market, becoming a reference, both as a private teacher of Italian and Portuguese, as well as a trainer.
Therefore, our purpose was to bring a visual identity that transmits a human, collaborative, creative, motivating and detailed characteristic.


Educating is more than bringing information to the other, it is bringing a transformation to the individual. When we take what we know to other places, we are relearning and resinifying. For the project, I sought conceptual inspiration in some points, such as identifying wisdom, teaching, love for the work performed, the search for knowledge and the freedom you feel when learning something new.
The Owl is an animal that symbolizes wisdom, intelligence. As well as reflection, rational and intuitive knowledge. For the project, we defined the church owl (Tyto furcata), for being a species found in Brazil (Maria’s place of origin) and having the shape of a heart on the face.
It is precisely in this format that we are going to express your love for the profession. The wings symbolize freedom, lightness, intelligence, inspiration. This symbol represents the achievement, as the wings are not received, but acquired through an education.
I also used, symbolically, a shelf of books, to symbolize the quest for more knowledge.

non è mai stato solo impara un’altra lingua

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