Petit – Gelato Tailandês

Petit offers Thai gelato, which is a dessert prepared with a milk base, mixed with fruits and/or other accompaniments, spread on a stone or cold metal plate and then rolled. It forms delicious ice cream rolls.

Service: Visual Identity – Visual Communication for food trucks and kiosks
Year: 2020
Origin: Fortaleza – CE – Brazil


Petit’s proposal has always been to bring a different and enriching experience, both in service and in the taste of its gelatos. The dream of the entrepreneurial couple needed to be communicated in a creative, fun, close way and with a touch of elegance and quality.

We needed to build an identity that could demonstrate strength, putting Petit in an equal position with other competitors; bring a brand that showed the innovation of the product, combining charisma and creativity to the elegant and modern.


The preparation of gelato on the griddle is in itself an innovative experience. And to enjoy it is instigating and involving. So, why not transmit precisely this feeling in the brand?

With a typographic work that transmits a moment of leisure, creativity and fun, and the detail of the gelato roll, we arrived at the result of the brand.

A Petit that offers happy meetings and reunions, as well as delicious flavors as you imagine!

Besides seeing their gelato being prepared, the Petit customer can also enjoy a crunchy crust made on the spot! So, we sought to build a visual communication for the kiosk that would transmit energy and creativity while the customer experiences this delicious experience.

With the success of the enterprise, the partners saw a way to take Petit to other places besides the food truck. The events start a new page in this story.
Since it is about events, where the performance ranges from children’s parties to weddings and even institutional meetings, we were also responsible for this demand and sought to follow a more sober and elegant path. Respecting Petit’s institutional colors, we created a design that would cater to any event to which it is hired.

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