Terraço Mineiro

The Terraço Mineiro offers meals with the characteristic flavor of Minas Gerais.
Besides valuing the quality of its product, it comes to create an affective relationship with its customers, offering an experience that redeems a special memory of home-cooked food.

Service: Visual Identity
Year: 2021
Origin: São Carlos – SP – Brazil


How to transport you to a nostalgic feeling of homemade food, the kind that you can smell and taste just by imagining it?

We needed to build a project that would be cozy and charming. Bringing a familiar, charismatic, and elegant air at the same time.

For its name, of course, we had to present a visual universe that referred to the cuisine of Minas Gerais.


Minas Gerais is well known for its typically home cooking, a result of the diversity of peoples who inhabited the territory at the time of the gold cycle. The amalgam of Portuguese, African and indigenous culture. And in the history of its roots, we found the elements that conceptualize the brand.

The alchemy between food and natural spices is the magic that originated the colors, flavors, and smells that are so unique in the Minas Gerais cuisine.

The tools are the stone and iron pots, the wooden spoon, and the old stove that the true alchemists never get rid of.

To further support our whole idea and strategy, we brought the illustrations of Elis Santos, enriching the whole atmosphere of proximity and affection from drawings of natural herbs that look more like the prints of old, used in dishcloths, cloth napkins and tablecloths.

The Portuguese tiles were our references for the creation of patterns that gave even more charm and elegance to the visual identity. Their most varied designs are visual memories of great impact, taking us to travel back in time to that grandparents’ kitchen and the living room where everyone used to gather for meals.

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