May Piercer

May is a professional piercer who has been in the body art market for over 7 years. Having as the main foundation of her work, the safe piercing, with a smooth healing process. For the piercing to be a satisfactory experience in every way, her work is focused on three pillars: humanized care, conscious piercing, and healthy healing.

Besides the body piercing studio, May Piercer is a store with beautiful jewelry stores, full of charm, but also offering safety for those who want to update their piercing jewelry.

Service: Visual Identity
Year: 2020
Origin: Olinda – PE – Brazil


The challenge in creating it was to design a visual identity that would transmit the modernity of digital, the responsibility of the service and the strength of May’s personality. A brand that was elegant and secure, but also managed to show her human and inspiring side.


The Moon and the Circle

Symbol of the phases of life, she is passive, receptive. It is a strong symbol of femininity. In one of its phases, the full moon, which can be seen in its totality. This phase of the moon shares the symbolism of the circle with regard to eternity and strength.
It is also a representation of the cycle of life. The circle represents eternity, perfection, and divinity, for it has no beginning or end. It reminds us of the shape of some jewelry used as piercing. The two elements led us to another strong inspiration for the project, the triple moon.

The Window

It symbolizes receptivity and openness to outside influences. It can also be considered a symbol of consciousness. In the project it comes to resinify the new, the new opportunities. Windows are always open to transmit knowledge and representativeness.

The Triple Moon

Also known as Triluna, it carries in its symbolism the phases of the moon. Its design is represented by a Crescent Moon linked to a Full Moon and a Waning Moon, side by side. Within its representativeness, the triple moon brings in its first phase (crescent moon) expansion, the promise of new beginnings, youth, and enthusiasm. In its second phase (full moon), it represents maturity, respect, stability, and power. In its third phase (waning moon) it brings wisdom.

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