In 2019 Débora created eu.developer, starting from the desire to talk about technology and social transformation.
Here, eu.developer can also be one who develops people. For as a social worker, Débora believes that her job is to develop the best of people, and as a programmer, to develop the best software. In the near future the business will become a socially-oriented technology startup.

Service: Visual Identity
Year: 2021
Origin: Camaragibe – PE – Brazil


The eu.developer is a unique project, which has at its base the technology as a tool for social transformation. We can then say that it is a junction between the scientific, technological, and the human, subjective.
The challenge for the project was to bring a modern brand, but one that could express itself in a pleasant way. This junction needed to be innovative and involving, going beyond the technological.

Another challenge was Debora’s request for the project. Bringing the colors red and green, which represent social assistance. Even knowing the possible difficulties in its application, we needed to find a way to bring this request to the project.


With all the revolutionary power that the technological means have brought to the world, we need to think of a relationship in which these resources are increasingly at the service of the human, of a common good and not that we are dependent on them, therefore, our intention was to bring a timeless concept, since the changes happen in a frenetic way, and juxtaposed, “where there is technological evolution that human evolution is together.

In the information system the @ is a computer symbol that separates the user’s name and the provider’s address, it signals where the user is. We realize that @ is an open symbol that tells us: I can be anywhere!

From this reference, we seek to convey the idea that the “I” is part of a whole. Whether it expands or retracts, the “I” is there, always connected. In other words, in society we are agents and reactors, we are transformers and transformed. This connection follows in the whole of the brand, through the curves that refer to sensibility, lines, parallels and diagonals that take us to all the technological possibilities, besides the understanding that social transformation is only possible from the creation, articulation and strengthening of networks, in the case of eu.developer, technological networks and human networks.

Answering Débora’s request, we did some contrast tests with the colors red and green, in order to bring the best result in its application. Realizing that we would not have a good response using the colors in the main palette, in the brand, we opted to bring them in the secondary palette. Being applied along with some other colors and tones.

The eu.developer has a very important role to promote and disseminate issues such as technology in social assistance, educational technology and digital inclusion, in social networks and lectures. Therefore, it was essential to structure the project in order to meet this demand. We created templates for presentations and publications in sociais networks, with the goal of bringing autonomy in the creation of content, with all the guidelines for the application of the visual identity provided.

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